3Communications and Marketing

Volume 3 details the necessary steps to building a communications strategy to be used for engaging the public with the BRT project, educating customers on how to use the system, and marketing the project to a wide array of potential users.

This volume is crucial to illuminating the benefits of BRT and establishing the distinction between BRT and less effective forms of transit.

Strategies can be crafted to address the concerns of specific stakeholders through a multitude of media formats, and these strategies’ success should be measured in order to further increase their effectiveness (Chapter 9).

Outreach is also essential to spreading the word about BRT, but it is also important to engage the public through participatory meetings and workshops to get buy-in (Chapter 10). Once the public is actively providing feedback to officials on how the BRT system can best work for them, the public is then empowered to take ownership of the system and see it is as their transport system.

Marketing and branding (Chapter 11) is how the BRT project team can communicate that community ownership and unique identity of a system through its name, logo, color scheme, wayfinding, and customer service, all of which ensure that the system is user-friendly, attractive, simple, and easy to use.